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What Are The Merits & Demerits Of Buying Instagram Followers & Likes?

Buying Instagram Followers And Likes

There is no such accurate answer for this question. This is a an issue which everyone is trying to resolve, That what will happen if we try to Buy Instagram Followers. Instagram is a social media network which is increasing in popularity day by day. Number of active users are increasing quickly on Instagram due to which Instagram is also doing quick changes in securities & features. Seems likes Every week or a month Instagram is changing their algorithms, which leads to decrease in followers. Whenever, Instagram goes on under a process of changing it’s algorithm lots of inactive Instagram followers gets deleted.

There are few techniques in market which allows you to recover from this loss. Firstly, there are few apps in market which says to increase your Instagram followers. Secondly, there are some websites on search engines which allows you to buy Instagram followers. Thirdly, there are few websites which offers you hire a personal guy to manage your Instagram account, who will help you to increase your followers on Instagram. They all follow a different techniques to grow your Instagram profile. So, now we will explore these four techniques which are used commonly these days.

Various Techniques Used To Grow Your Instagram Profiles:


There are several Android & IOS Apps In market which offers Instagram followers or likes for your profiles. They do work & you might get what they say and that too in a low prices. But before we use them lets talk about merits and demerits of this technique.

  1. Merits : We will get followers or likes as described in description of that app and that too quickly or within given period of time as well.
  2. Demerits : Not all apps are trusted & they ask you to sign in with your Instagram password and username. Which might be considered risky in some situations.

Online Websites

There are thousands of website on internet which offers you similar services such as Instagram followers, likes, views Etc. Some of them are really trusted websites which offers good customer support and high quality services to their clients. Now lets talk about what are the cons and pros of this technique.

  1. Merits : Lots of people used these types of services, 70% of them are satisfied as well. People can use this fearlessly as they don’t need to share their Instagram password with them. So, it might be a good call when it comes to the security of your profile. This is a fast way to grow your Instagram followers count. People do buy Instagram followers as this is a safe, fast and more trusted way than apps.
  2. Demerits : The one main demerit of this technique is you need to know the difference between good quality followers and bad quality of followers. There are few websites which also provide you bots of spam followers in order to make money. So please be careful contact that website and ask the quality of followers before you buy.

Instagram Management

Some freelancers on internet do offer a special service such as managing your Instagram account. They do offer some special services such as managing your Instagram insights etc. Quickly we will talk about the merits and demerits of this technique

  1. Merits : Best technique if you are really looking to grow your Instagram naturally and slowly. All you need to do is share your Instagram details with the person who is going to work on your Instagram account. Your followers will grow slowly and naturally.
  2. Demerits : The biggest demerit of this technique is you have to provide your Instagram passwords to the person you appointed. So, you need to have a blind faith on that person whom you are giving your all details.

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