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IGTV – An App You Need To Know About



Instagram has taken a step ahead and has launched its very own IGTV feature. The beloved social media app, Instagram, was launched back in 2010 and was primarily, a video and photo sharing platform. It has flourished immensely over the past 8 years and the success and growth is impeccably well. Billions of users are now a part of the Instagram community and love sharing through this app. Recently, Instagram launched its IGTV Feature which allows people to share and watch videos for up to an hour. This feature has been launched as a spate IGTV app too which will soon be accessible for Android and IOS users both.

Since the release of this amazing app by Instagram, users and bloggers have found a blessing in it overall. They are looking forward to how they can buy IGTV views and gain fame through this platform too. However, there are some things that one must know about Instagram TV feature and app so that they can utilize it in the best way possible to gain its benefits. We have summed up everything that you need to know about IGTV app and feature, right here for you.

1. Watch longer videos for an hour vertically

We all know that Instagram didn’t allow us to upload a video longer than a minute. Well, this issue has been resolved. Through the IGTV feature and app, you can easily upload and watch videos that are an hour long. The best thing about this app is that you can watch videos in vertical form too and they fit your mobile phone screen wonderfully well. This means that if you are comfortable with recording vertical videos then you can do so and your viewers can view it pretty easily.

2. Share the Video

If you want to buy Instagram TV views then you can share the video via DM with your friends and family. This allows you to spread the video around and make sure that lots of people watch it. DM is the quickest way to share videos through Instagram and makes the process of sharing rapid and great.

3. Don’t want the App? Use the feature through Instagram

Many people use the IGTV feature rather than the IGTV App. The accessibility of this has been made easy for all the users. If you don’t want to get the entire app then you can avail the feature through the Instagram app alone. Isn’t that cool? There is literally no liability! However, it is best for bloggers and influencers to use the IGTV app as they have to share and manage everything on a different level.

4. Very easy to Use

Once you install the IGTV app and open it; it starts working. It is not complicated to understand at all. The Instagram team has made sure that they make everything easy for the users to understand and manage. You are also allowed to choose your interests so that your news-feed only shows videos that you might be interested in. thus, the app makes everything tranquil and sorted out for all the users.

5. Create your Channels according to you

If you have a bundle of interests and you want to show them to your followers, then you can create a separate channel for all of them. This will allow you to bring in viewers accordingly and will make it easier for your followers to manage and see whatever they wish to. You can showcase all your skills to your followers separately. This brings in incredible management too. You can create as many channels as you want!

6. You also get the Subscribe Option

Don’t think that you cannot subscribe to the channels that you want to because you absolutely can. IGTV app and feature allows you to subscribe to all the channels that boost interest in you and will allow you to follow them. For bloggers and influencers who wish to buy IGTV views, can make sure that they mention it to their viewers that they can easily subscribe to their channel so that they can build a larger community at IGTV. This option allows you to catch up with the channel that you like in all ways. You will stay updated about whatever they post.

7. The Call-out Button

The Call-out Button allows you to get an update about the IGTV channel that you have subscribed to. Whenever you will subscribe to a channel, and they will upload a new video, you will be updated via the call-out button. This plays an important role in staying updated about whatever you wish to and makes Instagram TV app all the more lovable and favorite.


The question is that whether IGTV app and feature are amazing enough to beat down the incredibly talented players or not? We have HULU, YouTube and Netflix as the competitors and they have a huge reputation that is maintained. They are adored immensely and being in competition with them can be a tough game. However, Instagram has already gathered a lot of adoration and appreciation by its users. It already has a community of billions and they all are indulged in the IGTV feature. Moreover, the vertical orientation of videos has made IGTV feature more lovable.


IGTV is also considered as the support system for influencers and is catering their needs really well. Influencers are head over heels, in love with this feature as it gives them a chance to attract more and more people towards them. Instagram keeps changing your news-feeds on the basis of its algorithm which has been pretty annoying for the bloggers and influencers. With IGTV, this issue really gets addressed. If you subscribe to your favorite channel, you won’t be missing out on any of their updates.

Moreover, you can also buy IGTV views which help you in making your community stronger and bigger. There are a lot of people who decide to buy Instagram TV views and they have actually flourished their channels too. Thus, IGTV app and feature are offering a lot more than just v hour long videos. You are capable of bringing in a lot of audience now. Instagram is one of the most adored social media platforms and with the IGTV feature; it is growing more and more. As for now, it is clear that Instagram TV has a lot of chance in the social media world and it can compete with YouTube and Netflix etc. Billions of users of Instagram are now using this feature and would definitely get their hands on the app too (it is launching soon) which will make everything easier and faster for them.